Post World War 1 Ephemeral States - Edited Volume Published!

Although the post-1918 period of Central Europe is among the well-researched topics, it is far from common knowledge that dozens of so-called Ephemeral States - Kérészállamok - formed in the territory of the disentagrating Kingdom of Hungary. In early 2020, the Institute of Central European Studies collaborating with the Trianon 100 Research Project organized a large academic event on the topic.Veronika Szeghy-Gayer and Csaba Zahorán put in many hours of work to transform the papers presented at the event into a pathbreaking volume. We are happy to announce that the book is out and may be purchased in both printed and e-book format via the webshop of Ludovika Kiadó, the publishing house

  The editors have presented the volume in an interview published here and one of the editors wrote a summary of the contents and problems raised. 

The book launch event was a success with guests filling the room named after historian John Lukács. Anna Páhy wrote of the event here

We can hardly wait to read the first reviews!