Research Agenda

National and European. The history of the idea of Central Europe in Zagreb and Ljubljana

Poland: a great power in Central Europe?

Linkages between oppositions and the culture of resistance in Central Europe in the 1970s and 1980s

After 30 years – Perspectives of the V4 cooperation after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and in 2019.

The social and political history of the use of various sources of energy

Agrarian system, state, locality and the history of food shortage in Central Europe

The historical context of factors triggering change in forested areas in Central Europe

Heritage and community development in Central Europe: national and regional identities.

Urban-rural conflict in Central Europe: Growing gap between urban and rural areas in Central Europe (What are the possible solutions?)

Post-communist or Central European? USA, NATO and the countries east of River Elbe between 1989 and 2019

Nation- and state building in Central and Eastern Europe from the 19th century to contemporary times – between rivalry and cooperation

Ephemeral states in Central Europe after 1918

The heritage of empire: what was left of Austria-Hungary, and how did it survive after the disintegration of the empire

Appraisal of Roma identities and policies of integration 1989-2019

In the grip of memory politics. Emancipation or victimhood?