Research Agenda

We wish to focus our attention to the following research questions:

  • Poland: a power in Central Europe?
  • Linkages Between Oppositions and the Culture of Resistance in Central Europe in the 1970s and 1980s
  • After 30 years – Perspectives of the V4 cooperation after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and in 2019
  • Post-Communist or Central European? USA, NATO and the countries east of River Elbe between 1989 and 2019
  • Nation- and State  Building in Central and Eastern Europe from the 19th Century to Contemporary Times. Between Rivalry and Cooperation
  • In the Grip of Memory Politics. Emancipation or Victimhood?
  • The Social and Political History of the Use of Various Sources of Energy
  • The Historical Context of Factors Triggering Change in Forested Areas in Central Europe
  • Agrarian System, State, Locality and the History of Food Shortage in Central Europe
  • Heritage and Community Development in Central Europe: National and Regional Identities.
  • Urban-Rural Conflict in Central Europe: the Growing Gap between Urban and Rural Areas in Central Europe and possible responses)
  • The Heritage of Empire: What Was Left of Austria-Hungary, and How Did it Survive after the Disintegration of the Empire?
  • Appraisal of Roma identities and policies of integration 1989-2020