Miklós Mitrovits

Formal qualifications: History (ELTE BTK), Polish (PPKE BTK), PhD in 19th and 20th century History of Eastern Europe (ELTE BTK)

Research interests:20th century History of Central Europe, History of Poland, Hungarian-Polish relations, Visegrad Group

Publikációk: mtmt 

Kapcsolat: mitrovits.miklos@uni-nke.hu

Intézeti kutatások: Opposition movements in Central Europe in the 1970s and 1980s, Poland after 1989

Miklós Mitrovits earned his PhD at the Program of 19th and 20th century Eastern Europe in 2009-ben. His areas of expertise are 20th century history of Central Europe, history of relations between Poland and Hungary and the history of the countries of the Visegrad cooperation. He is research fellow at the Institute of History of the Centre for the Humanities (formerly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) in Budapest.