Róbert Balogh

Formal qualifications: History MA (University of Debrecen), Political Science MA (University of Debrecen)

Research interests: Anthropocene historiography, environmental history, history of forestry, history of food availability

List of publications: mtmt 

Contact: balogh.robert@uni-nke.hu

Research tasks within the Institute: Historical causes and impact of the emergence of the Anthropocene in Central Europe in the light of the history of forests and food supply

Róbert Balogh is a doctoral candidate at the Doctoral School of History and Ethnography of the University of Debrecen. He carries out research in three key areas of the ongoing climatic and ecological crisis: changes of forested landscapes, responses to food shortage and supply chain of dairy products in the Carpathian Basin and in colonial South Asia. He is a member of the NRDIO-funded research project on landscape history that is based at the Institute of History of the Centre for Humanities (formerly of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) in Budapest.